50th Annual Georgia Tech Basic Economic Development Course

March 21-24, 2017

Preparing You for Impact and Influence in Economic Development

    About BEDC 2017

    In 1967, Georgia Tech offered the first Basic Economic Development Course in the country and continues today to provide innovative education in both fundamentals and new concepts in economic development. In 2017, our Basic Economic Development Course will celebrate 50 years of being one of the first steps in the career of more than 3,000 economic developers.

    This year we welcome Rodrick Miller, the president and CEO at Detroit Economic Growth Corporation as our keynote speaker. Miller has been a visionary leader for Detroit in the aftermath of the Great Recession. In his role, Miller oversees the Detroit Economic Growth Corporation’s strategies to support Detroit’s economic growth through technical, financial, negotiation and development assistance to the city and the private sector business community. Previously, Miller served as founding president and CEO of the New Orleans Business Alliance, the official economic development organization for the city.

    The 2017 BEDC course focuses on Economic Resilience: Building Capacity for Strong Communities. It will expose you to cutting-edge economic development trends that will help your community build for the future. Learn from some of the nation's most dynamic economic development leaders as you satisfy the IEDC course requirements for Introduction to Economic Development.

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