IEDC Certification

Become a Certified Economic Developer

You have the experience, skills, and knowledge of a great economic developer. Now get recognized for your achievements through the Certified Economic Developer (CEcD) program. 

IEDC’s Certified Economic Developers (CEcDs) are acknowledged around the world as having achieved the pinnacle of excellence in the economic development field.

The Certified Economic Developers (CEcD) is the leading industry designation. The CEcD program gives you the opportunity to develop core competencies across the breadth of topics necessary to being a well-rounded and successful economic developer. And there is simply no substitute for CEcD certification when competing for top jobs in the field.

CEcD Exam Calendar

Requirements to Sit for the CEcD Exam

  1. Experience as an economic development practitioner: four years consecutive, paid, full-time economic development related
  2. Professional development activity: training courses
  3. A Primer to the CEcD Exam Process: What You Need to Know Requirement

Training courses are available through:

IEDC Training Courses
University of Oklahoma’s Economic Development Institute (EDI)
Accredited Basic Economic Development Courses (BEDC)

Candidates are required to take a minimum of six courses or graduate from EDI.

Course requirements:

Core Competency courses (required):

  1. Introduction to Economic Development or Basic Economic Development Course (BEDC)
  2.  Business Retention and Expansion
  3. Economic Development Credit Analysis
  4. Real Estate Development & Reuse

Elective Competency Courses (must take a minimum of 2):

  1. Economic Development Finance
  2. Economic Development Marketing & Attraction
  3. Economic Development Strategic Planning
  4. Entrepreneurial and Small Business Development Strategies
  5. Neighborhood Development Strategies
  6. Management Economic Development Organizations
  7. Technology-led Economic Development
  8. Workforce Development

Course waivers are available in some cases, see IEDC website for more information.

Still have questions? Visit the IEDC FAQ page.